The dental team

We have a lot of things in common: a high-quality standard being one of them. That is why the professional qualification of our employees plays such an important role in our dental office. We are a team with very different specialisations, but with one common goal:

We want you to feel safe and relaxed and are therefore always striving to provide you with the best possible treatment.

Dr. Anne Kathrin Kloth

Dr. Kloth has been working as a dentist in her own practice in Hamburg Niendorf for almost 20 years. She is certified by the Hamburg Dental Association for dental implants (2007–2008 curriculum) and periodontics (2013–2014 curriculum) and has followed up with further intensive training in each speciality.

In 2003, Dr. Kloth continued the practice of her mother, Dr. Brigitte Groeneveld, and moved into the new practice at Tibarg 1B together with her team in 2012. In this beautiful setting, you will receive dental services at the highest technical level – from dental implants and periodontics to restorations.

Adriana Siewert

Ms. Adriana Siewert studied dentistry at the Hanover Medical School. After completing her state examination, she started working at the Clinic for Dental Prosthetics and Biomedical Materials Science, where she worked for 3 years as a scientist and dentist. In addition to dental assistant training and patient treatment, she headed the TMJ consultation.

Her speciality is therefore treating patients with CMD. Endodontic therapy is another focus of hers. She has been treating our patients in our office in her specializations in addition to other general dental fields since January 2018. 

Our hygiene team members

Ms. Nicole Müller and Ms. Annika Nünthel are dental hygienists and have been working in the Kloth practice for over 10 years. Both are competent contact persons for any questions concerning individual preventive dental care in children and adults, pre-treatment, and maintenance therapy of gum disease and tooth whitening.

Patient consultation and administration

Ms. Sabine Brunner is the practice’s dental administrative assistant and works closely with Dr. Kloth. She advises patients in all matters concerning costs, payment plans, and insurance-related reimbursements.

Assistance and hygiene

Ever since the practice’s foundation, Ms. Regina Lange has been assisting her colleagues with treatments and hygiene to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Shs is supported intensivly by her colleagues Jane Fischer and Saskia Lippert.